Who we are

Lana Sports was born from a desire to include the pioneer athletes of the ABA themselves in bringing back the unbelievable heritage of their time. We’re partnering directly with the actual living former players from the original rebel league, to re-tell their stories and create the highest level of authenticity in sports memorabilia and products – starting with the iconic red, white and blue ABA basketball – the ball that personifies independence, freedom of expression and change. What differentiates us from others is that we’re supported by the original ABA players themselves, whose legendary influence can’t be denied. For us and them, the ABA Player’s Association is back, a brotherhood forged during an epic period that hasn’t lost strength with the passage of time. Look for additional product releases, including rare and epic ABA trading cards and sports gear, dropping soon – and remember, sale proceeds on these products go to support the Dropping Dimes Foundation!

The ABA literally changed the way pro basketball is played, and the league’s style of play, which was groundbreaking in the 1960’s and 70’s, is what you see on the court today. During a time when the NBA featured a slower-paced, center-dominated game, and struggled to gain TV ratings, the ABA introduced an up-tempo, free-wheeling style — highlighted by a 3-point shot and slam-dunk contest — that helped transform professional basketball into the multi-billion-dollar operation it is today. And all that happened during a time of dramatic social and cultural change in America, at the height of the civil rights and women’s rights movements. The ABA helped usher in a time of great change, showing that pro athletes should be valued for their individuality and ability to impact culture while providing a major form of entertainment.